Click: How much money is spent dealing with behavior? 
Color My Day will cut this in half!

Color My Day: Classroom-Behavior Management App Your Digital Clip Chart


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A study conducted at Harvard determined that students who were resilient to trauma were those who had more positive experiences than negative outcomes.  The Color My Day behavior management system supports this study. Listen to a two part podcast interview on Transformative Principal, a nationally acclaimed podcast, to hear more about the benefits of this system. 


       This system was created and refined by a team of master educators. Helping to make the shift in changing behavior with a  positive approach.  It is a digital clip chart that uses a two clip system.  This new approach easily collects data which can be used to help implement meaningful interventions and qualify students for special education individualzed education plans(IEPs). It also helps to create positive experiences for teachers and students resulting in significant behavioral changes!














Real Teacher Feedback

" My students are really motivated and involved with the process, and I find myself being more positive because of the system."



" I love that it is school wide!"


 " I feel that the students have an opportunity to do better even when they have made mistakes.  It is not the end for them and they can see their progress."


"Students behave and respond better"

" This system is a great motivator for good behavior and is simple enough for even 5 year olds to understand."


" I am glad more teachers are implementing positive feedback to students. I think we have happier more content students with higher self esteem."

 "The best thing that it has done for me is the constant reminder to give positive praise often.  Students deserve to be recognized for their good work.  I also like having clear expectations for good and bad choices as well as clear consequences."


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