Click: How much money is spent dealing with behavior? 
Color My Day will cut this in half!

Color My Day: Classroom-Behavior Management App Your Digital Clip Chart


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Can the students clip themselves up or down?

 It is up to the teacher's preferences.  Color My Day is simple enough that the students can complete the process on their own or the teacher can be the one in charge of it.



Does it work with Mac or a Windows PC?

 It is compatitable with any computer, smartboard or tablet because it is web based. 


What is the pricing?

Regular                                                  Spring Special  
Individual Class  $50 a year                $40 and access untill July 2018  
School Wide $1000 a year                  $700 and access until July 2018  


We offer two different price plan options.  For an individual teacher it is $50 per school year and for an entire school it costss $1,000 per year with access to reports on school-wide data. The Special Spring Sale is giving a discount if you buy now at $40 for the teacher access and $700 for the school wide access and we are giving you access until July 2018!


Color My Day will save you a lof of money in the long run. Between not purchasing triplicate forms for Office Referrals you will save in adminsitration time!  Have you ever wondered how much your time is worth?  Now you  can calculate how much money is being spent for your time.  If you spend on avearage 30 minutes per student on an office referral that can add up over time! Color My Day can cut that time in half by not having to go to the teacher to collect the information about what happened, seeing the student history, and communicating with teacher and parent.  Click to see how much your spending for your 30 minute time and multiply it by the number of referrals you deal with each year! 


Can I download it?

 No, it cannot be downloaded yet, but it can be purchased right away! We are saving you 30% by keeping it web based and accessable on all devices!


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