Click: How much money is spent dealing with behavior? 
Color My Day will cut this in half!

Color My Day: Classroom-Behavior Management App Your Digital Clip Chart

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STEP 1:   Visit the Teachers Pay Teachers Account to purchase and download the physical clip chart system that matches the software.  It is beneficial to have the phyiscial chart in the class for the students to use and recognize when they have been praised or corrected. 

  STEP 2:  Email to start.  Include how many teachers and administrators at your school will need an account.

STEP 3:  Watch the YouTube video on our ABOUT page for a step by step how to use it video or set up an appointment with an expert.

STEP4: Plan for a professional development with the staff on best practices for implementation. Ex; use precision request, pre-determined consequences, pre-determined rewards.

STEP 5:  Download the parent disclosure statement to explain why their students are talking about the colors that they are on and encourage home support.





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